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NEW SITE http://www.katlovelandphotography.com . Please come see it, this will remain as my proof site but the new site is much more stylish !

Phoenix based photographer Kat Loveland is available for event photography, real estate photography, product photography, small business needs and portrait photography. Call or email for rates and schedule.

Have worked for Omega Watches, photos used by Love Your Scrubs by Karita Fleming for advertising and branding.

Reviews from Clients:

"Kat's been great. We're in a very stressful and demanding field and have needed someone to be flexible to help us with some of our marketing photos and Kat was a big help with that. " - Monica Espinoza Realtor

Kat did a wonderful job with our family photos, she was patient and creative with our large family and all of the kids. The shots she got turned out wonderful and really captured the personality of each member of our family. It was a very difficult decision to choose which shots to print. Wonderful Photos
Tami Marks Mesa, AZ
December 12, 2010

"The best family pics ever!!!!"
Kat did such a great job capturing our familys moments. She has a great eye and definitely a lot of patience. We will definitely use her again and recommend her to everyone!! The pictures were so beautiful I cried :)
Xochitl Phoenix, AZ
December 12, 2010

"I have had the opportunity to work with various types of photographers from movies and television to fashion and commercial photography. Some are very creative and artistic while others are very technically gifted. I have been extremely impressed by Kat Loveland’s ability to bring all these aspects together. She understands the technical side but also has a very impressive ‘eye’ for shots that others would not even consider. Kat is a very gifted photographer and I would recommend her services to anyone!"
-Will Roberts: Actor/Model

"I was asked by a friend of mine to participate in a photo shoot for a fundraiser. The setting was amazing. Kat Loveland was very patient with me and she took some terrific photos. I was very pleased with the whole process and I am going to use her again for my personal family portraits." - Review for Klicks by Kat, by: Michele Bostic

"She was very professional and super fast response to initiate the transaction and very fast turn around time with the photos! Great work! Thanks Kat! " - Vanessa - Realtor

"Kat Loveland has on several accounts been my photographer for both modeling and sports photo shoots. She has a talent for getting the right shot without need for added special affects. Kat works well with her models. She allows them to perform the movement and asks them what mood they want to get in the photo. I remember one shot in particular in which she laid under one of my Acrobats as they flipped over her, she captured the shot perfectly. On another note Kat has a talent for catching movement in the moment that shows its true beauty. Kat is not afraid to take a few risks for the benefit of the photo shoot. She finds a way to make every situation profitable for both client and photographer. Not many people can capture the moment of movement, but Kat has proven every time I have been with her that she is one of the few that can. The landscape, the mover, and the photographer are collaborative in her shoots blending into a work of art that shows in a day of video that photos still have a place. "

Francesco G. Caban
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